Jeff Krigel Tulsa DUI LawyerA new law in Oklahoma makes it easier for prosecutors to confiscate cars that belong to those accused of DUI in Tulsa. The Oklahoma legislature recently enacted a motor vehicle forfeiture penalty attached to certain DUI convictions. First enacted in 1999, the Oklahoma DUI forfeiture statute provided for forfeiture of a motor vehicle used when the driver was convicted of DUI, had a prior conviction within the preceding ten years for DUI, and one of the convictions involved death or serious bodily injury to another. The DUI forfeiture law was amended effective August 22, 2014 to include an additional qualifying conviction the state could use as a basis to seek forfeiture of a vehicle driven by a person convicted of DUI; a third or subsequent felony DUI.

Jeff sat down with Newson6 to discuss the changes, and how it impacts his clients.

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