tulsa-dui-lawyer-jeff-krigelAccording to the story found here, a man in Parma Ohio was ticketed for holding a sign warning drivers of a DUI checkpoint. Thus the question arises was he obstructing justice or asserting his freedom of speech? According to Doug Odolecki “It’s an issue of freedom of speech for me because they wanted to make me take down my sign. They’re trying to tell me that certain words on my sign are not proper”. The article also includes a video in which the Police repeatedly ask Odolecki to take down the sign and he refused.

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Odolecki is supported in his stance by the free representation of his lawyer who states “He’s not in the street. He’s not doing anything at all to physically interfere or impair the police ability to conduct their checkpoint at the checkpoint site. It’s absolutely free speech under the first amendment,” said Attorney John Gold.” When asked if Odolecki would repeat his actions he affirmed that he will most definitely continue to put up his signs.

It seems that Odolecki may have a strong position as sources reveal that “By law police have to let residents know a week before a drunk driving checkpoint begins. A few hours before its set up they have to reveal the location and times.” The sign seems to not only not impede the officers ability to enforce their checkpoint, but does nothing to eliminate the element of surprise since the information was already divulged.

One man was arrested and charged with a DUI that night. Odolecki can face up to 90 days in jail and pay up to a $700 fine. This will be an interesting one to watch.

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