Tulsa-dui-lawyerWagoner Police arrested a teacher for public intoxication at school on Monday. Officers said Lori Ann Hill showed up at the school drunk, then pulled down her pants.

It’s always embarrassing when someone on the velvet side of the rope gets in trouble.  Attorneys hold themselves out to be so much more practical than the general public.  We are untouchable by all the problems of the world.  Truth is we are human just like this teacher busted for Public Intox.

This year alone my nephew’s tutor received accusations of Lewd Molestation for kissing and touching a girls chest.  It is always juiciest when the bad news comes from the top.  This is a sad story and really there is no winner that comes out of the situation. I typically say to clients that every attorney and their mother in Tulsa has faced a first time DUI charge at some point in their career.  Another antidote I tell clients is not as nice.   It is that in order to be a bondsman you first must be accused of a felony.

So just remember before you judge someone else keep in mind that one day it could be you.  It could be you with the criminal charge or salacious scandal.

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